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Minty-fresh midcentury ranch in Los Feliz asking $2.2M

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Just down the block from Griffith Park

Photos by Anthony Barcelo, courtesy of Dorothy Carter & Michael Orland

It seems only fitting that this new listing in Los Feliz was completed the same year as the Capitol Records building (1956), because the ranch-style residence is pret-ty jazzy.

Located on North Vermont Avenue just below Cockerham Drive, the 2,665-square-foot home isn’t visible from the street thanks to its elevated lot position and surrounding fence, which is a bit of a pity for passersby, who miss out on its handsome river rock-accented facade.

The river rock motif continues inside the house with an impressive double-sided stone fireplace that anchors both the living room and den. Complementing the stonework are hardwood floors, wood paneling, a built-in bar, period light fixtures, and glass sliders that open up to the rear patio and yard.

The three-bedroom home’s vintage kitchen and three baths are remarkably intact.

On a 9,844-square-foot lot with a two-car garage, the well-preserved property is listed with an asking price of $2.199 million.