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Jefferson Park hotel planned right next to the 10 freeway

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Very convenient for a tired traveler getting off at Western

Street view of project site
The hotel would rise at 2211 South Western Avenue.
Google Maps

Guests at a new hotel planned for Jefferson Park will have a pretty good view of the 10 freeway, should the project win approval from city officials.

Plans for the development filed earlier this week show that it would replace an auto shop at 2211 South Western Avenue, right alongside the Western Avenue offramp. The five-story structure would bring 81 new guest rooms and 6,260 square feet of retail space to the area, just south of Harvard Heights and close to Koreatown.

The project’s developer, listed as Marc Levun, is requesting several entitlements from the planning department that would allow the hotel to climb a bit higher than zoning rules would normally allow, and to operate within 500 feet of a residential area.

Chock full of bungalows that have been flipped in recent years, Jefferson Park hasn’t seen a ton of brand new development. However, a few blocks from the proposed hotel, a separate developer has plans to convert a medical building to housing and a rooftop restaurant.