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Katy Perry convent ruling put on hold

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Silver Lake restauranteur Dana Hollister has filed for bankruptcy

It seemed like the epic legal battle over the ownership of a Los Feliz convent was finally resolved in December when Silver Lake designer and restauranteur Dana Hollister was ordered by a jury to pay over $15 million in damages after it was determined she interfered with the sale of the property to singer Katy Perry.

Now Hollister has filed for bankruptcy, according to MyNewsLA, meaning the ruling is put on hold for now.

In 2014, Perry attempted to purchase the convent, a Bernard Maybeck-designed compound built in 1927, but was told by nuns who owned it they had already sold it to Hollister. Perry disputed the sale in court, where a judge decided Hollister knew the nuns did not have the authority to sell the property, and wanted Hollister to pay punitive damages.

The jury had ordered Hollister to pay $5 million in legal fees, $6.7 million to the Los Angeles archdiocese and another $3.3 million to Perry’s company. As The Eastsider notes, Hollister listed her net worth on a loan application at around $16 million in 2014.

Hollister, a longtime fixture in the Silver Lake community, owns the neighborhood restaurants Brite Spot and Cliff’s Edge, Villains Tavern in the Arts District, as well as the historic Paramour Estate in Silver Lake, which functions as an event space. She is also working on turning the Pilgrim Church in Silver Lake into a boutique hotel, although work has not progressed on the property. It’s unclear if her bankruptcy would affect any of the businesses she owns.

The judge has asked for a report by May 8.