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Take a peek inside music producer Zedd’s Benedict Canyon home

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“This is really as close to perfect a house for me as I can get”

Music producer Zedd at his Benedict Canyon home.
Photos by Emily Berl, courtesy of Architectural Digest

Youthful songwriter and music producer Zedd has cranked out enough hits with such pop stars as Ariana Grande, Alessia Cara, and Maren Morris to afford a $16-million mansion in Beverly Crest’s Benedict Canyon.

Zedd, whose real name is Anton Zaslavski, took Architectural Digest on a tour through his glassy, contemporary home. He has only lived in the sleek pad since November, but Zaslavski says, “This is really as close to perfect a house for me as I can get.”

Inside the 9,400-square-foot home, there’s a water feature, a large olive tree, art chosen by Zaslavski himself, and fancy bells and whistles, including “a built-in vacuum underneath cabinets to suck up crumbs.”

The master suite takes up the entire second floor, and it includes “a few” closets—one is just for fancy sneakers—and a full bathroom with a deep bathtub. Oh yes, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the newly-built house to take advantage of the incredible views.

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