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Photos: See Culver City’s newest hotel, the Mayumi

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Nightly stays start at $150

A photo of the shared courtyard at the Mayumi, which features bright green metal railings and outdoor furniture.
Photos by Roger Davies
Courtesy of HQ Development

Culver City’s latest hotel, The Mayumi, is slated to open in May, offering a “flexible stay” option for a month at a time, as well as traditional nightly stays.

In an announcement, developer HQ Development bills the 35-unit, Shubin Donaldson Architects-designed hotel as catering to “the geographically mobile demographic catering to the sought-after talent that are pouring into Los Angeles from around the country.”

It’s in a pretty good location to do that.

The Mayumi is located about 3 miles from the city’s big new tenants: the new Amazon offices at the Culver Studios and at the Culver Steps and the forthcoming HBO headquarters on National and Washington, near the Expo Line’s Culver City stop.

A photo of the Mayumi building’s street facade, which is clad in metal panels on the upper story and floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the ground floor.
The Mayumi seen from the street.
(Left) The communal barbecue area and shared kitchen (right).

The price for a month-long stay works out to $100 a day, according to the company. That rate includes housekeeping and access to to communal workspaces and living areas in the hotel: a kitchen, laundry facilities, a barbecue, and courtyard.

Nightly rates for shorter stays start at $150.

The Mayumi site was previously occupied by the Westchester Hotel, a midcentury-looking building which advertised weekly rates.