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LA will overhaul these 6 major streets over the next year

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More traffic signals and more visible crosswalks

Roscoe Boulevard in Panorama City, one of the streets LA plans to overhaul.
Screengrab/Google Street View

The Los Angeles City Council gave the green light Wednesday to six major street makeovers on some of the city’s most dangerous thoroughfares.

The streets, which are located all over the city, will get traffic lights and more visible crosswalks, among other improvements.

The changes are designed to improve safety on those corridors, in line with the city’s Vision Zero goal to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2025. All six of the streets are part of the city’s “high injury network,” streets with high rates of deadly traffic crashes.

City officials view these six streets as models for how LA should approach street redesign moving forward. The city has had a challenging time coordinating construction across its different agencies; now, the goal is to do all the construction at once.

“It is important to do everything at the same time to reduce the disruption to the community. We don’t want to present a street that’s halfway there,” Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, who represents the Westside, said at a committee meeting discussing the plan in March.

Other improvements will include tweaking traffic signals to give pedestrians a few seconds of lead time to start crossing the street before cars get the green light. Most of the streets will also be resurfaced. And so-called “green street elements”—like water permeable sidewalks—will be added to help collect stormwater runoff, instead of sending it out to the ocean.

Construction on all of the streets is expected to wrap up in 2019. More details below.

The Valley

Reseda Boulevard

Between Parthenia Street and Victory Boulevard, the city will install new crosswalks and curb extensions. Existing bike lanes will be extended to close a gap between Vanowen Street and Valerio Street, and the timing of traffic signals will be adjusted. Sidewalks will be repaired to comply with the American with Disabilities Act,

Roscoe Boulevard

Between the 405 freeway and Woodman Avenue, LA will install new traffic lights, upgrade crosswalks, and add speed feedback signs and protected left-turn signals. Traffic lights will be adjusted to give pedestrians a few seconds of lead time to start crossing before vehicles get a green light.

South Los Angeles

Avalon Boulevard

Between San Pedro Street and 120th Street, the number of car lanes will be trimmed from from four to two, making room for a center left-turn lane and protected bike lanes between 56th Street and Manchester Boulevard.

Curb extensions, signalized crosswalks, protected left-turn signals, new traffic lights, and speed feedback signs will also be added. Sidewalks will be repaired.

Main Street

Between King Boulevard and Imperial Highway, the city will install speed feedback signs, traffic lights, and signalized crosswalks. At some intersections, pedestrians will be given a few extra seconds to cross the street.

Some bus stops will also be relocated, and sidewalks will be overhauled.

Central LA

Venice Boulevard

Between Arlington Avenue and Figueroa Street, Venice Boulevard will be treated to new traffic lights and new protected left-turn signals. Traffic signals will be adjusted to give pedestrians a few seconds of lead time before vehicles get a green light, and sidewalks will be repaired.

Temple Street

Between Beverly Boulevard and Beaudry Avenue, new traffic lights, new signalized crosswalks, and speed feedback will be installed. Some bus stops will be relocated, and sidewalks will be repaired.

A notable omission from the Temple Street project is a road diet, which would have replaced two vehicle travel lanes with a center left-turn lane and bike lanes. That reconfiguration has been put on hold.