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New renderings revealed for revamped San Pedro Public Market

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The new development will open by early 2021

Courtesy of Rapt Studio

The San Pedro Public Market project along LA’s waterfront has a new look.

The redevelopment’s latest design, shown in fresh renderings presented at a San Pedro community meeting Tuesday night, is influenced by the fishing sheds that used to dot the waterfront, says Rapt Studio CEO David Galullo.

When complete, the new marketplace will house new restaurants, shops, and public spaces.

Rapt is leading the design team, which includes landscape architecture by High Line designer James Corner Field Operations and executive architect Adamson Associates. The project is being developed by The Ratkovich Company, owners of the Bloc shopping center in Downtown LA’s Financial District, and Jerico Development.

“Our mission is to produce an economically sustaining development that improves the quality of life for the Los Angeles Waterfront communities,” The Ratkovich Company’s Wayne Ratkovich said in a written statement.

Construction on the public market is expected to begin in July 2019. The work will be done in phases to allow the San Pedro Fish Market and a handful of other businesses to stay open during construction.

The restaurant space
Courtesy of Rapt Studio
A peek at the new retail space planned for the redone waterfront area.
Courtesy of Rapt Studio

The new market should be open for business in late 2020 or early 2021.

The existing Ports O’ Call Village began to be boarded up last month in a move that anticipated the demolition of the site to make way for the new development.

Work began in 2017 on an entryway to the new San Pedro Public Market; the new entrance is expected to be complete in the second half of this year.

(Left) The planned playground and (right) the town square plaza area.
Courtesy of James Corner Field Operations
Courtesy of James Corner Field Operations
The open area known as the “south lawn.”
Courtesy of James Corner Field Operations
The waterfront promenade.
Courtesy of James Corner Field Operations