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Bel Air house with Paul Manafort ties reportedly an Airbnb hotspot for ‘all-night ragers’

Neighbors of the house on Stradella Road complain of “all-night ragers”

An aerial view of the Bel Air house where neighbors say parties are happening almost weekly.
Google Maps

Los Angeles might be cracking down on party houses, but Bel Air is still fair game for deep-pocketed folks looking to rent a mansion for a lavish party. One of those mansions appears to be owned by Paul Manafort, the Beverly Hills Courier reports.

The home on Stradella Road is reportedly being rented out for “all-night ragers” on Airbnb. Over the last “few weeks,” large, loud parties have been hosted at the house, prompting neighbors to complain to the Bel-Air Association, according to the Courier.

The association says it got the owner, Jeffrey Yohai, to agree to tone it down. But the Courier says the house might not be owned by Yohai. It obtained a photo of a gas bill for the property, mistakenly delivered to a neighbor’s home, that was made out to Paul J. Manafort.

Yohai is Manafort’s former son-in-law.

This wouldn’t be the first time Manafort used Airbnb to rent out a property.

Curbed NY reports that when Manafort was indicted late last year as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s continuing investigation on Russian intervention into the 2016 election, one of the indictment’s charges was that he falsely claimed a New York townhouse as a residence when he was renting it out on Airbnb. Claiming the property as his home allowed Manafort “to receive a mortgage of approximately $3.185 million”—a much higher amount than he would have received as a mortgage on an income property.

Ownership of the Beverly Hills house aside, the Courier reports that “any mention of allowing parties” there has been been “completely removed” from its listing on Airbnb.

Head over to the Courier for the full story on the Bel-Air party house.