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Santa Monica could get a Tesla restaurant and charging station

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Will it be the 1950s-style drive-in Elon Musk hinted at?

Tesla charging
The Tesla facility would be located at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard.
Sheila Fitzgerald | Shutterstock

Tesla owners in Santa Monica may soon be able to enjoy a meal while powering up the electric vehicles.

An unusual preliminary development application filed with the city of Santa Monica last week calls for a “Tesla restaurant and supercharger station” at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard, now a Volvo dealership.

The application, spotted by Electrek, doesn’t offer much more information than that, but the brief description lines up with a January tweet from Musk suggesting that the carmaker might add a 1950s-style drive-in restaurant to a new LA-area charging station—roller skates and all.

The Verge reached out to Tesla to confirm whether this was the plan, but a company spokesperson wouldn’t give further details.

Constance Farrell, a Santa Monica spokesperson, tells Curbed that Tesla has not yet filed a formal application for the project. The preliminary application submitted last week will allow the company to gain feedback from city planners on the project before asking for city approval.

A restaurant is far from the biggest LA project Musk is now contemplating. The tech CEO last year revealed plans for a vast network of tunnels below Los Angeles that could transport cars (or walkers and cyclists) at high speeds.