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Watch people at LA landmarks gaze at the moon

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Filmmakers hauled a telescope all over town

Two filmmakers carted a telescope to famous Los Angeles landmarks in the name of bringing the city together. Their goal? To get strangers to look at the moon.

The film shows curious and genuinely shocked people getting a glimpse of the full moon outside LA landmarks like Randy’s Donuts, Disney Hall, Echo Park Lake, and the Santa Monica Pier.

Alex Gorosh and Wiley Overstreet shot the film over the last 18 months. The two previously created a documentary for the New Yorker about police pursuits.

“We made sure to shoot in places around the city that were not only iconic locations but also very diverse, socially and economically,” says Gorosh. “It was amazing to see that regardless of our backgrounds, we all revert to little kids when faced with something so grand and awe-inspiring.”