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Taylor Swift walks barefoot through 7th/Metro Center station in new video

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She remains shoeless for a dance in the rain at St. Vincent Court

Viewers of the latest Taylor Swift music video, “Delicate,” probably noticed a few notable Los Angeles landmarks playing prominent roles.

The video, which was released on Sunday, begins inside Downtown’s Millennium Biltmore hotel with a paparazzi-mobbed Swift making her way through the hotel’s glittering and ornate interior. Her night ends with a romp in the rain in St. Vincent Court and a stop at the Golden Gopher.

But it’s what happens in between those points that is concerning.

In the Biltmore, Swift receives a mysterious note that makes her invisible to all. Upon discovering this, she dances and shimmies her way out of her shoes and the hotel, making her way to the 7th/Metro Center station.

There, a still-invisible Swift continues to dance shoeless on the upper level platform and into a train car. Shoeless! So all-encompassing is her invisibility that she is even invisible to germs, hence her fearless, barefoot frolic in the multi-line transit hub.

As Swift sings in the song, “This ain’t for the best.”

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