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‘American Horror Story’ mansion’s new owners tormented by fans, ghosts

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And now they’re suing

The Rosenheim mansion in Country Club Park was featured in the first season of FX’s American Horror Story.
Courtesy of Michael J. Locke/Creative Commons

The new owners of the landmark Rosenheim mansion, famous for its role in the first season of American Horror Story, are suing the brokers who negotiated the 2015 sale, alleging the agents did not disclose that the house appeared in the TV show, The Real Deal reports.

That’s information that should have been shared, argue the mansion’s owners, actress Angela Oakenfold and her husband, cardiologist Dr. Ernst von Schwarz. Their lawsuit alleges that if they had known that the estate had been featured in the show, they never would have bought it.

The mansion was built around 1908 as the private residence for architect Alfred Rosenheim, who designed the Hellman Building in Downtown’s Historic Core. The house holds a handful of Tiffany features—stained glass windows, lighting fixtures, and a stunning set of Tiffany glass doors—as well as six Batchelder tile fireplaces and a solarium.

In their lawsuit, Oakenfold and von Schwarz say they are plagued by fans of the show “weekly.” The suit claims that the regularity of the attempted trespassing and break-ins has become “a significant nuisance.”

The couple is also disturbed that “the seller and brokers failed to mention the house was haunted by two ghosts, a point that was not included in the complaint,” says The Real Deal.

The couple is suing for damages, and despite the ghosts and obnoxious fans, they are planning to stay in the house.