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Watch a colorful glass mosaic for the Crenshaw Line come together

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Sneak a peek at a new mosaic for the Martin Luther King Jr. station

As the Crenshaw/LAX Line moves full steam ahead toward its 2019 opening date, elements of the station are coming together. Over at the Martin Luther King Jr. station— adjacent to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza—a large mosaic is planned and appears to be coming together quickly, a video posted to The Source shows.

The artwork was created by New York-based artist and sculptor Shinique Smith as a collage, and is being translated into mosaic. Smith is known for her “monumental” pieces that weave together calligraphy, fabric, and clothing.

This piece is titled “Majestic Heights” and includes words from Martin Luther King’s speech and information about him, as well as a variety of materials, including reflective segments (“to introduce movement and reflections of passengers into the artwork”) and elements meant to represent fabric, a nod to “the diversity of the region.”

When complete, the Crenshaw Line will have stations in Leimert Park, Hyde Park, Inglewood, and Westchester. It will hook up the Expo Line and the Green Line, and a planned stop at 96th Street will link to the future LAX people mover train.