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Oscars 2018: Hollywood street closures

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The celebrities won’t grace Hollywood Boulevard until Sunday, but street closures have already begun

Hollywood Boulevard Oscars Elizabeth Daniels

The 90th annual Academy Awards are less than a week away, and that means that Oscars road closure season has officially begun.

To help us navigate the off-limits streets, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has released details on the planned street and sidewalk closures around Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre.

Roads began over the weekend; Hollywood Boulevard closed to traffic between Orange and Highland Sunday to make way for the press risers, bleachers, and small stages that flank the red carpet arrival area.

That stretch will remain closed for roughly 10 days, until 6 a.m. March 7.

On the day of the Oscars, Hollywood Boulevard will be closed from Cahuenga to El Cerrito Place (just east of La Brea) starting just after midnight on Oscar Sunday until 6 a.m. Monday.

Orange Drive will be closed between Franklin and Lakewood avenues, and Highland will be closed from Franklin to Sunset. Hawthorne Avenue and a couple smaller alleys will be closed between Orange Drive and Highland.

The 101 Freeway’s southbound Highland Avenue off-ramp is not technically scheduled for closure at any specific time on the day of the Oscars, but an LADOT spokesperson tells Curbed that a closure is very likely. (It was closed for last year’s awards.)

Pedestrians and transit-users will feel the impacts of the Oscars too. On the day of the Academy Awards, the north and south crosswalks at Hollywood and Highland will be closed. The Red Line will not stop at Hollywood/Highland and there will be no public access to the station until 6 a.m March 5.

Buses that usually travel on this section of Hollywood would be detouring, says Metro. (Information on those detours can be found here.)

A dizzying combination of additional curb, street, and sidewalk closures preceding the event are detailed in a series of color-coded maps from the Academy.

A map of closures on the day of the Oscars. Street segments in purple are closed to the public but open to local traffic and emergency vehicles.
Via the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences