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32-story condo tower near Ace Hotel is making headway

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The project would replace a parking lot with nearly 240 for-sale units

The tower would replace a parking lot with roughly 160 spaces.
Renderings by Takacs Architecture

After years of waiting, plans for Downtown developer Barry Shy is closing in on all the approvals needed to build a 32-story tower near Ace Hotel.

The project’s design and scope were unanimously approved by the city planning commission in December, Kate Bartolo, the project’s land use and development consultant, tells Curbed. Bartolo estimates that the final two hearings will take place sometime in mid-spring of this year, with construction expected to follow soon after.

The Takacs Architecture-designed project would demolish a 167-spot parking lots at 920 South Hill Street, and build a 32-story condo tower in its place. The building would hold 239 units and about 5,600 square feet of retail space.

The tower would offer 295 parking spaces, including 68 replacement parking spots for a nearby property (939 S. Broadway, another Shy project in the works), whose tenants use the existing lot.

“The developer has pledged to provide first time homebuyer incentives” for the condos, says Bartolo, the project’s land use and development consultant. “And the project will feature an improvement project for the adjacent alley, that provides urban relief through concrete paving and lushly landscaped tall walls.”