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New map shows home prices in almost every LA neighborhood

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See how Long Beach compares to the Valley

A new map from Property Sharks shows 2018 median home prices across Los Angeles; in Westlake, the median is $610,000.
By Liz Kuball

Curious how Los Angeles home prices stack up neighborhood by neighborhood?

A new interactive map from Property Shark shows the year’s median home prices for dozens of communities, from Long Beach’s Belmont Shore ($950,500) to Westlake ($610,000) to Mar Vista ($1.427 million) to Woodland Hills ($787,750).

It was a banner year for sellers in LA. Before cooling down toward the end of the year, home prices shattered record after record.

As of October, the countywide median stands at $595,000. That price-point is a stretch for most Angelenos. A May report from the California Association of Realtors found that only 28 percent of residents earn the salary needed to afford a home priced at $585,000.

The Property Shark map shows few neighborhoods where the median is less than $500,000. They include Lincoln Heights in popular Northeast Los Angeles ($494,000), as well as more than a dozen communities in South Los Angeles, such as Vermont Square ($495,000), Watts ($383,853), and North Lawndale ($484,500).

Above all, the map is further evidence that Los Angeles remains a market for the wealthy.

The median price in two LA neighborhoods—Malibu Colony and Beverly Hills Gateway—surpassed the $10 million mark this year, and 10 neighborhoods posted medians above $3 million, according to Property Shark.

In a blog post published this week, Property Shark copywriter Eliza Theiss says neither New York nor San Francisco “measure up to LA’s sky-high medians.” She notes that Tribeca, New York City’s most expensive neighborhood, would only rank eighth in Los Angeles.