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Glammed-up midcentury ranch in Laurel Canyon asking $3.25M

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Quite a transformation!

The Agency

When last seen on the market, in July 2017, this midcentury ranch in Laurel Canyon was a bit of a plain-Jane. It had the proverbial “good bones,” but it was also sporting some awkward updates such as glass-block accent walls and track lighting.

A year and a half later, it’s making a splashy comeback, having shaken off the aforementioned accoutrements and a whole lot more.

Located in the Wonderland Park tract, the 2,709-square-foot residence has been endowed with new wood and stone floors, new ceilings, new cabinetry, new lighting, new marble baths, and new steel-framed doors and windows.

The property’s dramatic transformation also extends to its .3-acre grounds, with extensive new landscaping and a freshly installed swimming pool.

Last sold for $1.692 million, it’s now listed at $3.25 million.

2538 Greenvalley Rd [The Agency]