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Woolsey Fire maps: See where the wildfire is burning in Ventura, Los Angeles

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Containment is now at 98 percent

A photo of a man standing on the beach, looking back at nearby hillsides on fire.
The Woolsey Fire reaches the ocean along Pacific Coast Highway, near Malibu, on Friday.
AFP/Getty Images

The Woolsey Fire broke out near Simi Valley on November 8, and, over the next two weeks, it consumed an estimated 96,949 acres in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Today, it is largely contained.

Fueled by low humidity and gusty winds on November 9, the fire tore through Malibu as well as parts of the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of West Hills. Mandatory evacuations have been lifted for almost all Los Angeles County residents who were forced out of their homes last week; some parts of Malibu remain closed.

Containment is now at 98 percent.

As images of smoldering houses suggest, there has been “significant structural loss,” Los Angeles County Fire Department Fire Chief Daryl Osby said at a November 9 press conference.

It is estimated that 1,500 homes buildings have been destroyed, and another 341 have been damaged. Some of the evacuation zones are being repopulated. This website from CalFire allows users to plug in addresses to see whether their property is still under evacuation.

The path and perimeter of a fast-moving wildfire can be difficult to track. But with the help of a couple of maps, it’s easier to see where this fire is burning and get a handle on how much the two counties have been affected in just a short amount of time.

(Click here for live updates of the Woolsey Fire as it tears through Los Angeles.)

This map from the Los Angeles Fire Department map shows the fire perimeter, mandatory and in the title, the date and time the map was last updated.

Below is a map created by ABC7 using information from the California Office of Emergency Services, which tracks active wildfires in the state. (It takes about a minute to load.)