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California, Los Angeles 2018 election results

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Live updates for key propositions and races

Among the issues decided by Los Angeles and California voters in these consequential midterms were dozens of competitive races and high-stakes propositions. The ballot included an antagonistic battle over rent control and, with Jerry Brown termed-out, the chance to pick the state’s next governor.

In Los Angeles County, this election drew 1.9 million voters to the polls, with 38 percent of eligible voters participating. (That’s way below the national turnout of 49 percent.)

The vast majority of ballots in LA have been counted, but there are still many provisional and vote-by-mail ballots that need to be processed. That means some of the most narrow races, including the contest for Los Angeles County Sheriff, remain in limbo.

Other issues, however, have been settled, including Proposition 10, which was defeated; Proposition 6, which was rejected; and the mayoral contest in Inglewood, which went handily to incumbent James Butts.

Below, view the totals for the key measures and races in Los Angeles and California.

Key state races


Republican John Cox conceded around 9:40 p.m.

Gavin Newson: 59.4%

John H. Cox: 40.6%

Superintendent of public instruction

Tony Thurmond: 49.4%

Marshall Tuck: 50.6%

Attorney General

Xavier Becerra: 60.8%

Steven Bailey: 39.2%

U.S. Senate

Kevin De Leon: 45.7%

Dianne Feinstein: 54.3%

Key Los Angeles races

Los Angeles County Sheriff

Jim McDonnell: 49.85%

Alex Villanueva: 50.15%

Los Angeles County Assessor

Jeffrey Prang: 60.0%

John Loew: 40.0%

State measures

Proposition 1
Affordable and veterans housing bonds

Yes: 54.1%

No: 45.9%

Proposition 2
Homes for people with mental illness bonds

Yes: 61.1%

No: 38.9%

Proposition 3
Water bonds

Yes: 47.7%

No: 52.3%

Proposition 4
Children’s hospital bonds

Yes: 60.6%

No: 39.4%

Proposition 5 Voters won’t expand property tax savings for older homeowners
Property tax breaks for older homeowners

Yes: 41.9%

No: 58.1%

Proposition 6: Voters reject gas tax repeal
Repeal gas tax hike.

Yes: 44.7%

No: 55.3%

Proposition 7
Allows changes to daylight savings.

Yes: 59.8%

No: 40.2%

Proposition 8
Control dialysis center charges.

Yes: 38.4%

No: 61.6%

Proposition 10: California’s proposal to strengthen rent control, defeated at the polls
Allows rent control expansion.

Yes: 38.3%

No: 61.7%

Proposition 11
Breaks for private ambulance drivers.

Yes: 59.4%

No: 40.6%

Proposition 12
Farm animal confinement

Yes: 61.0%

No: 39.0%

Key Los Angeles measures

Measure W: LA’s tax for stormwater recycling winning by slim margin
Stormwater parcel tax

Yes: 67.48%

No: 32.52%

Measure B
Public bank for Los Angeles

Yes: 42.19%

No: 57.81%

Measure E
Align state and city primary elections

Yes: 71.19%

No: 28.81%

Measure EE
Align school and city elections

Yes: 74.58%

No: 25.42%

Santa Monica

Measure SM
Supermajority vote for taller buildings

Yes: 71.04%

No: 28.96%

Santa Monica City Council

Scott Bellomo: 8.63%

Sue Himmelrich: 23.85%

Kevin McKeown: 19.36%

Greg Morena: 19.91%

Geoffrey Neri: 6.80%

Pam O’Connor: 11.38%

Ashley Powell: 10.07%



Mohamed Ben Amor: 2.32%

James Butts: 63.0%

Marc Little: 18.37%

Brandon Myers: 4.31%

Joseph Soto: 12.0%