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LA County has 18 of the nation’s most expensive zip codes

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More than any other county in the country

Santa Monica view of houses from bluff
LA County’s priciest zip code is in Santa Monica.
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When it comes to housing prices, Los Angeles has some of the priciest neighborhoods—and zip codes—in the nation.

An analysis from Property Shark looks at the American zip codes with the highest median sale prices in 2018. More than 15 percent of the 117 most expensive zip codes—18 in total—can be found in LA County.

The priciest zip code in LA—and fifth in the nation—is 90402, Santa Monica’s exclusive North of Montana neighborhood. Typical homes here sold for $3.76 million this year.

That’s roughly six times the median price across all of LA County, but it’s scarcely half as much as the $6.7 million that homes commanded in Silicon Valley’s 94027 zip code, which was far and away the most high-priced zip code in the country in 2018.

Beverly Hills’s well-known 90210 zip code placed 11 on the list and was the second-most-expensive region in LA with a median sale price of $3.21 million.

Other costly zip codes in LA County include 90272 (Pacific Palisades, $2.9 million), 90266 (Manhattan Beach, $2.37 million), and 90049 (Brentwood, $2.25 million).

The list emphasizes the enormous wealth disparity that now exists in California. Despite having the nation’s highest poverty rate (with cost of living factored in), the majority of the country’s most expensive zip codes are found in the state.

In fact, only 35 of the zip codes included on the list (less than 30 percent) are in states outside of California. Los Angeles was the best represented county on the list, in both California and the nation.

But wealthy buyers might be heading north. On last year’s list, two Southern California zip codes were in the top 10 and three were in the Silicon Valley area. The current top 10 features one Southern California zip code and five in Silicon Valley.