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Two-bedroom condo in 1930s French Normandy complex asking $895K

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Located in the shadow of the Hollywood sign, the eye-catching complex was purportedly built to house Warner Brothers starlets.

The stretch of North Beachwood Drive leading into Hollywoodland is lined with attractive examples of period-revival architecture. But the most eye-catching specimen on the block would have to be the whimsical, turreted Chateau Beachwood.

Designed in 1937 by architect Walter C. King, the French Normandy-style complex is said to have been built to house Warner Brothers starlets. Converted to condominiums in 1989, it contains 10 units, one of which is now on the market.

A corner townhouse measuring 1,200 square feet, it has two bedrooms and one bath on the upper level, and a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, and powder room on the lower level. Notable features include dentil molding, “wedding cake” relief plasterwork, a magnesite staircase, oak floors, colorful tile, built-ins, casement windows, and French doors.

Asking price for the vintage townhouse, which comes with one garage parking spot, is $895,000, while HOA fees are $400 per month.