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HGTV kicks off Brady Bunch home makeover

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The network has plans to nearly double the size of the Studio City ranch house

Brady Bunch house
The home’s interiors will be given a 1970s-style redesign.
Photo by Anthony Barcelo, courtesy of Ernie Carswell, Spencer Daley, and Sarah Blanchard

After purchasing the Brady Bunch home in August, HGTV is moving forward with plans to remodel the iconic Studio City ranch house seen in nearly every episode of the 1970s sitcom.

The network announced Thursday that the home’s overhaul has officially begun, with six original cast members and some of HGTV’s most recognizable hosts gathering at the house to kick off renovation work.

According to a statement from HGTV, the network’s designers plan to add 2,000 square feet of living space to the two-bedroom home, nearly doubling its total floor space. The home’s interiors will be redone with a ’70s-style design in keeping with the show’s memorable aesthetic.

Though the exterior of the home was used in establishing shots throughout all five seasons of the series, its interiors were never seen in the show. The Brady’s memorable living room and brightly colored kitchen were sets designed specifically for the show.

“What’s so exciting about this project is that we are creating one of the most iconic homes from many of our viewers’ childhoods,” said HGTV senior vice president Loren Ruch in a statement.

The network paid $3.5 million for the house, outbidding a host of prospective buyers including NSYNC’s Lance Bass.

It’s not clear whether the finished product will be an exact replica of the original Brady house or a new design inspired by the television show, but viewers will be able to find out next year. The show is scheduled to premiere in September.

According to HGTV, on-screen talent involved in the project will include “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott, Mina Starsiak, Karen Laine, Leanne and Steve Ford, Jasmine Roth, and Lara Spencer.