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Inside supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s ‘Brazilian boho’ home in Santa Monica

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Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard gave the 1920s house a breezy, contemporary vibe

Photos by Douglas Friedman
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Former Victoria's Secret model and fashion model Alessandra Ambrosio has lived in Los Angeles for roughly a decade, but when it came time to settling down in LA and making a home for herself and her two children, she looked west.

“I had to be near the beach, someplace where you can feel and smell the ocean breeze,” Ambrosio told Architectural Digest.

That place turned out to be Santa Monica, which reminded her of her hometown in Brazil. Ambrosio purchased a 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival in the Westside neighborhood and enlisted noted (and celebrity-beloved) designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to help her put her stamp on the place.

Bullard describes Ambrosio’s style as “Brazilian boho meets California rock ’n’ roll.” In practice, that means Moroccan-inspired pendant lamps, rattan chairs, mosaic tiles, and a curated collection of black-and-white photographs of “of rock stars, fashion shoots, and Ambrosio herself.”

There are also nods to Brazil in and outside of the house—a jacaranda in the front yard; armchairs by architect and designer Jorge Zalszupin.

Ambrosio retired from the runway in 2017, but still travels often for work with her lifestyle brand Ále by Alessandra. This house is a welcome respite from the road. “This is my paradise,” she says.

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