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Want to catch a World Series game at Dodger Stadium? You’ll need at least $381

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After last year’s World Series ticket prices, that seem like a steal

Dodger Stadium
Let’s go, Dodgers.
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Three games into the World Series, and the Dodgers are still alive. The Boys in Blue will play game No. 4 tonight at Dodger Stadium, their second home game in the series against the Boston Red Sox.

Dodger fans wanting to get a seat for this round of home games are going to need to open their wallets, but tickets are far less pricey than they were for the Dodgers’ 2017 appearance in the World Series.

Yahoo Sports reported Tuesday that the average ticket price for the next three games is $1,290, a 54 percent drop from the 2017 World Series.

Those looking to score a seat to Saturday’s or Sunday’s games won’t have to fork over four digits to get into the stadium.

The Dodgers website directs would-be ticket buyers to StubHub, where the cheapest tickets for Saturday’s game were in the Top Deck for $392.

Ticket website VividSeats can shave a few bucks off that price, offering $381 tickets for Top Deck seats.

“The demand we are seeing this year at the World Series is about what you can anticipate from a team that is appearing in its second series in a row—the marketplace is leveling out,” says Brian O’Malley, head of partnerships and business development for StubHub.

O’Malley says that since last year was the Dodgers’ first appearance in the World Series for a while, ticket prices were likely “inflated.”

The fact that the Dodgers are going into game four with just one win is likely good news for those hoping to snag a ticket on a budget.

On Tuesday, NBC 4 reported that the cheapest tickets in the building were two upper level reserve deck seats offered for roughly $610 each—basically double what those tickets are asking today, after two losses.

O’Malley noted that the average price that fans are paying to attend the game is “staying steady,” meaning Dodger fans are still interested in seeing how the series plays out.

If the Dodgers win the next two games, games six and seven will be played in Boston.

Dodger Stadium

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