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Fly through the Metro station connecting LAX to light rail

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The Airport Metro Connector at 96th Street is where Metro rail and the People Mover will meet

Via Metro

With the opening date for the Crenshaw/LAX Line just around the corner, we’re getting a glimpse of the station that will eventually connect the new light rail line to Los Angeles International Airport via an automated people mover.

A cool flyover animation by Kilograph (seen below) offers brief tour through the forthcoming transit hub.

Designed by Grimshaw Architects and Gruen Associates, the airport metro connector is shown as a light-filled space with natural light, a wide platform for catching Metro rail, and a spacious mezzanine connecting travelers to wherever they need to go.

The Green and Crenshaw/LAX lines will meet here, sharing a single train platform. A bus plaza on site will have space for 32 buses to load and unload. The station will also have a passenger drop-off and pick-up area and dedicated bike storage space.

Though this station would connect to the Crenshaw/LAX Line—which Metro aims to open by 2019— it’s a separate project, and will have a different timeline for completion.

Metro documents show an updated schedule for the opening of the Airport Metro Connector: in the spring or summer of 2023, “in coordination with” the opening of the people mover. (A proposition on the November 6 ballot could potentially push that timeline back.) The renderings were first posted by Urbanize LA.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045