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Handsome 1959 Buff and Hensman post and beam in Cahuenga Pass seeks $2.65M

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We’re digging the pool

Courtesy of The Agency

In the Cahuenga Pass area of the Hollywood Hills, this wonderful midcentury modern house sits on a promontory overlooking the canyon and beyond.

Designed by Buff and Hensman, and built in 1959, it still has the open spaces, walls of glass, and gorgeous post and beam elements associated with the era.

It has been touched up since the ’50s, with its three bathrooms and kitchen sporting modern updates. A 2002 expansion of the the house stayed on brand: The addition was helmed by Buff, Hensman, and Smith.

Other standout features include an inner atrium and an outdoor pool, a serene spot behind the house, with landscaping that gives the spot a private and hidden look.

The property last sold in 2014 for $2.2 million. It’s listed now for $2.65 million.