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Spotify reportedly trying to move into the Arts District

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The company is close to leasing space in At Mateo

At Mateo.
By Sterling Davis

It might be time to add another big name to the list of Arts District tenants: Spotify is working on making a move to the AD, sources tell The Real Deal.

The music-streaming service wants to move into 100,000 square feet in At Mateo, a mixed-use space originally billed as an open-air mall. Spotify leases more than 8,000 square feet in West Hollywood, so this new space would represent a big expansion.

At Mateo’s office space is in demand. Soylent, which makes meal replacements, signed a lease in March for 29,000 square feet of space in the development. The University of Southern California’s design school is reportedly leasing 15,000 square feet in the project at 555 Mateo.

Not bad for a development that has yet to open to the public.

The project’s brick warehouse-style buildings were originally supposed to hold 125,000 square feet of shops and 50,000 square feet of creative office space.

But project owners Blatteis & Schnur and ASB Real Estate Investments “quietly changed the project mix to about 50 percent creative offices and 50 percent retail,” The Real Deal reported at the time of the Soylent lease.