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Refurbished midcentury modern in wooded Whiting Woods asks $1.49M

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Built in 1954

Photos by Brett Halsey

At the base of an oak-studded hill in Glendale’s peaceful Whiting Woods neighborhood, lies this crisp midcentury modern that truly brings in the outdoors.

That’s not just because of the floor-to-ceiling windows, though those do offer plenty of serene views. Following a remodel helmed by Levitt Halsey Design and architect David Levitt, the three-bedroom home also incorporates a slew of oak materials, from the flooring to the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom vanities.

Other updates to the house, which was built in 1954, include quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, “designer” lighting, new landscaping, and new HVAC and plumbing. Other notable features include skylights, beamed ceilings, two fireplaces, and a pool.

The property is located on El Lado Drive, which parallels the Verdugo Wash, a tributary of the LA River. The neighborhood—a “unique wooded hillside residential community”— boasts hiking trails and other midcentury gems, including Richard Neutra’s Taylor Residence and Clair Philip Earl’s Allan F. Daily Residence.

Last sold in October 2016 for $1 million, it’s now asking $1.499 million.