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Google will finally move into its huge Playa Vista hangar this fall

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The structure once housed Howard Hughes’ massive seaplane

Spruce Goose hangar
Google has been repurposing the hangar for office use since it leased the building in 2016.
Google Maps

Two years after leasing the massive—and historic—Spruce Goose hangar in Playa Vista, Google will finally move into the neighborhood this fall, according to the planned community’s corporate website.

The tech giant leased the 319,000-square-foot hangar in 2016, just five years after moving into Frank Gehry’s Binoculars Building in nearby Venice. Google also spent $120 million on 12 acres of vacant land right next to the hangar in 2014.

Built in 1943, the enormous structure was built to accommodate the Hughes H-4 Hercules, or Spruce Goose, a flying boat designed by Howard Hughes’ aircraft company during World War II. (The hulking airship was later displayed beside the Queen Mary in Long Beach, before being shipped off to Oregon, where it is today.)

Google would not provide details about its plans for the hangar, or give a more exact date for when employees will begin moving in. Urbanize LA reported last year that the company was constructing a three-story steel structure within the building to accommodate new office space. New skylights and windows are also being added to the hangar to air the place out a bit.