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Hotel slated near Santee Alley at the edge of Downtown’s Fashion District

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With restaurants on the ground floor and the roof

View of project site
The project would transform an office building at 124 East Olympic Boulevard.
Google Maps

A 1950s office building on the border of Downtown LA’s Historic Core and the Fashion District could soon be transformed into a new hotel blocks from such landmarks as Santee Alley and the Mayan and Orpheum theaters.

Plans filed with the city Friday call for the adaptive reuse of the Mart South building at 124 East Olympic Boulevard. The six-story office building would gain an extra level in height and be converted into a hotel with 149 rooms, a ground-floor restaurant, and an additional dining establishment on the roof.

A rising number of hotel projects are popping up in the Downtown area lately—many of them in the skeletons of old commercial office and bank buildings. In the last year, former Bank of Italy building reopened as the swank NoMad Los Angeles, and the hip Freehand hotel took over the handsome Commercial Exchange building.

Plans are also in the works for an overhaul of South Park’s historic Morrison Hotel; it would add a 12-story tower to the hotel, where the Doors posed for the cover of their 1970 album of the same name.