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The Curbed Cup 2017 winner is... San Pedro!

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The title is much-deserved

An emphatic win for San Pedro.

San Pedro fulfilled its destiny: It’s the winner of the 2017 Curbed Cup! The Harbor neighborhood knocked out Burbank to claim the title of Neighborhood of the Year.

First-seeded in our bracket-style, just-for-fun competition, which relies heavily on reader input, San Pedro grabbed a whopping 67 percent of votes in the final round. It was favored to win this year after taking second place in 2016.

Throughout the tournament, there was an outpouring of love for the neighborhood, with readers and residents lauding its stellar seafood, windsurfing, diversity, charming downtown, grand suspension bridge, flourishing waterfront, teeming tide pools, beautiful park on the bluff, and cultural institutions, from the historic Warner Grand to the ballet theater where Misty Copeland trained as a teenager.

The Curbed Cup is a celebration of neighborhoods and neighborhood pride. The prize is a fake trophy—and affirmation that San Pedro is an extraordinary place to visit and call home.

The final bracket is below; now, let’s all raise a pint to San Pedro!