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Long Beach's historic Breakers building will reopen as independent hotel

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The 1920s landmark has sat mostly vacant

A photo of the hotel, seen from the street, lit up at night. Its rooftop cupola is lit up in red.
The Breakers building opened as a luxury resort in 1926.
Courtesy of Pacific6

A newly formed investment and development company is taking on the task of renovating downtown Long Beach’s historic Breakers hotel.

The new company, Pacific6, announced this week that it will fully restore the mostly vacant 1926 building and reopen it as an “an independent hotel, featuring best-in-class amenities, entertainment, and dining.”

Pacific6 co-founder and former healthcare executive John Molina told the Long Beach Press-Telegram that the company plans to spend $40 to $60 million renovating the city landmark. That big range is, in part, because it’s not yet known how much seismic work the building will require.

The Breakers hotel was designed by Walker and Eisen, and it opened in 1926 as luxury resort. In 1938, it was purchased and operated as an early member of the Hilton chain by Conrad Hilton.

Historic Long Beach Breakers building.
Via Google Maps

Hilton operated the hotel until 1947, and then the property changed hands a number of times. It was most recently used as a senior living facility. In 2015, the company operating the facility agreed to give up its state license to operate in the wake of a number of complaints about insufficient patient care.

The building has been empty since then, except for the top floor, which has operated as the Sky Bar restaurant since about the 1930s. Developers plan to include the restaurant in the forthcoming Pacific6 hotel.

There is no timeline for the project yet, but Pacific6 says it has secured financing for what is expected to be a complex renovation.