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Thoroughly updated midcentury near Lake Hollywood seeks $3M

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Those reservoir views are lovely

Photos by Val Riolo/Sky Photography L.A.
Courtesy of Jeff Yarbrough / L.A. Luxe Group at Keller Williams Realty

With a view of the Lake Hollywood reservoir, this chic Hollywood Hills house is a catch.

Despite the midcentury skeleton of this single-story house—it was built in 1966—the interiors are very contemporary. The 2,790-square-foot house features lots of light-colored surfaces, making it look literally cool.

As for the living areas, a stainless steel island is the centerpiece of the the kitchen, while sliding doors doors separate the living room and den from a saltwater pool and backyard cabana.

Each of the three bedroom are spacious and bright. The master suite’s bathroom is a huge, white-tiled affair with a connection to the backyard, making it easier to shower off after a quick after-work dip.

The house is more than just a pretty face, though. An under-the-radar perk of this place is that it has two solar power systems: one to feed the house’s electrical system and other to heat the pool and spa.

The price tag for this gem in the Hills? $2.995 million.