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LA mayor Eric Garcetti will play a school principal in ‘Valley Girl’ reboot

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‘I’m a Valley Boy myself’

The original movie poster from Valley Girl.
Mayor Eric Garcetti, who’s from Encino, will make an appearance in the remake of ‘Valley Girl.’
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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is prepping to make his silver screen debut with the release of Valley Girl, a remake of the 1980s classic that captured the San Fernando Valley as a hub of the era’s youth culture.

The new film is not a carbon copy of the first: The Hollywood Reporter describes it as “a period musical set in the ’80s.” No word on whether Garcetti, who will make a cameo as a high school principal, will actually be doing any singing.

Garcetti, who’s from Encino, told the Reporter “I’m a Valley Boy myself, so I felt right at home in the reboot of one of my favorite '80s classics—even if Nic Cage’s orange faux-hawk didn’t make it to set.”

The film also stars Youtube celebrity Logan Paul, the brother of Youtuber Jake Paul, who caused a ruckus in Beverly Grove earlier this summer when neighbors complained about his noisy and unsafe “stunts” in the street in front of his rented McMansion.

My prom date is a badass. #valleygirlfilm #mayorericgarcetti #finallywenttoprom

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It’s Garcetti’s first major film appearance. He has, however, popped up on episodes of several TV shows over the years, often playing a mayor or a member of a mayor’s security team. The Valley Girl remake is in post-production now and is due to appear in theaters next year.