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Taking a look at Chinatown’s future Yale and Ord Street park

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The steep hillside terrain will yield a multi-level park

The Heavenly Garden section of the planned park.
Courtesy of AHBE Landscape Architects

A steep hillside in Chinatown, near the neighborhood’s branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, is moving closer to becoming a tiered park with amenities for all ages. The city expects to close escrow on the property by the end of this month, Urbanize LA reports.

Downtown-based AHBE Landscape Architects is designing the park, located about about two blocks away from the Alpine Recreation Center. Since signing onto the project in August 2014, the firm has worked closely with Los Angeles City Councilmember Gil Cedillo’s office to create a space that caters to what neighbors want and need, says principal landscape architect Evan Mather.

Because the hillside lot is so steep, the design calls for park to be divided into three general areas, each at a higher elevation, Mather says.

The Lotus Plaza will sit at the lowest elevation. In renderings, this area is shown as hosting Tai Chi; it will also have amphitheater-style outdoor seating.

The Lotus Plaza.

The second level will hold a bamboo garden. The area is imagined as a multi-generational space, where grandparents can congregate around chess tables while their grandchildren play. This level will also hold restrooms.

The Bamboo Garden.

The third level is the “Heavenly Garden,” with moon-viewing windows and a lantern tower.

The Heavenly Garden.

With the exception of a staircase that connects the Heavenly Garden area to Hill Place at the very top of the park, the entire green space will be ADA accessible via a path called the “Dragon Walk” that links all three sections.

The Dragon Walk.

Mather says he expects construction to take 8 to 12 months, as long as there aren’t any rain delays.

Looking toward the park from the parking lot of the Chinatown branch of the Los Angeles Public Library.