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On the brink of demolition, bright pink Mid-City houses are now white

The houses will be demolished for a 45-unit apartment building

This building, designed by M-Rad Architecture, will replace a trio of houses that were painted bright pink this summer.
Courtesy of M-Rad Architecture

Some Mid-City residents were up in arms when three houses on Hi Point Street were suddenly painted a bold pink as part of an art project. They likely feel much better now that the houses have been painted a simple white.

The houses, now surrounded with fencing, were destined to be demolished to make way for a tiered apartment complex designed by M-Rad Architecture.

The architects told Curbed in June that the houses were painted pink so they didn’t invite squatters and homeless occupants while the developer, LI Investments, waited to get approval for its demolition permits.

City records say the demolition permits have still not been approved, though they are partially through the process.

The graffiti on the fencing is the only reminder that they were once a bright pink.

The houses, once demolished, will be replaced by a 45-unit apartment building with vertical gardens, tiered balconies, and a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments.

The honeycomb--inspired structure will step back from the corner to a height of four stories. The complex will have a shared community garden in the center of the complex, as well as a shared gym.

An aerial rendering of a 45-unit apartment building with balconies. Courtesy M-Rad