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LA’s Bird Streets neighborhood now has a Hummingbird Place

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Thanks to a real estate broker, a street in the exclusive area got a name change last week

Street sign
What was formerly Pinto Place is now Hummingbird Place, in keeping with the area’s ornithological theme.
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One of the swankiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles has a brand new street—or, at least, a new street name.

As The Real Deal reports, Pinto Place, nestled among the Bird Streets of the Hollywood Hills, is now Hummingbird Place. Located directly above the Sunset Strip, where the street names have an ornithological theme, the small thoroughfare was renamed last week, in part to increase the value of houses in the area.

Real estate broker Jason Oppenheim led efforts to change the name after his firm handled the sale of a home on the street last year. The same property is now back up for sale as a development opportunity—again listed with Oppenheim.

Like more famous streets in the neighborhood, such as Oriole Drive and Blue Jay Way, Pinto Place shares its name with a species of bird. But, as Oppenheim tells The Real Deal, the name is “more synonymous with a bean or an exploding car” than with a winged vertebrate, and some wouldn’t even consider the street a true bird street.

But with a name like Hummingbird Place, it will be easier for potential buyers to see the home as a part of the exclusive neighborhood.

Oppenheim expects the for-sale property to be developed with a residence designed by Dan Brunn Architecture and resold for around $21 million. “[I]t’s certainly beneficial to have a beautiful street name,” he tells The Real Deal.

According to LA Magazine, the other streets in the neighborhood were named between the 1920s and the 1960s. Famous residents of the area have included Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster, Matthew Perry, and Dr. Dre, who sold a property there for $32 million in 2015.