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Atwater Village two-bedroom condo with vintage vibes asks $479K

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Get into this great neighborhood for under $500K

Photos by Erik Grammer Photography
Courtesy of Julie Mollo/Sotheby’s

This two-bedroom condo sits inside an attractive, circa-1940s Traditional-style building, and it puts its occupants in a desirable part of a great neighborhood—Atwater Village.

The roomy and bright second-floor apartment features an updated kitchen and bathroom, but it has retained some vintage-looking touches, including hardwood floors, retro windows, and some wainscoting.

It boasts a dining room and in-unit laundry, too. It only has one bathroom (a full bath!), but don’t hold that against it. The residence comes with two parking spaces, though its location about two blocks away from Los Feliz Boulevard might mean that the cars stay parked more often.

This adorable condo is listed for $479,000, with HOA dues of $405 per month.