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Toy maker Mattel planning a new 14-story tower in El Segundo

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But will it get built?

Mattel headquarters building
Mattel has ambitious plans for a major headquarters expansion, but the company is taking its time building it.

Gargantuan toy company Mattel is planning a major expansion of its El Segundo headquarters and a recently released environmental impact report for the project (spotted by Urbanize LA) shows that it would include a pair of new office buildings, including one set to rise 14 stores.

Plans show the structure would be similar in design to the company’s existing office tower already on the project site. It would include more than 325,000 square feet of office and design space and would be accompanied by an eight-level parking structure with 1,087 spaces.

The second building would rise six stories, replacing an existing two-level structure and adding just short of 175,000 square feet of new office space for the toy manufacturer, known for signature brands like Barbie, Fisher-Price, and American Girl.

The only question now is whether all that new office space will actually get built. In February, a spokesperson for Mattel told the Los Angeles Business Journal that the company would take its time actually constructing the ambitious expansion. In fact, that’s exactly what Mattel has been doing for over 30 years since a version of the expansion project was first proposed in 1984.

If Mattel should actually begin work on the development this time, plans indicate that it would be constructed in two phases and could be complete by 2023.

Rendering of project site with new structures City of El Segundo