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What happens to the Playboy Mansion now?

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Hefner’s death means the estate’s new owner can start making changes

Hugh Hefner’s death on Wednesday might trigger grand changes to the storied Playboy Mansion, which sold last last year for $100 million to co-owner of Hostess Brands Daren Metropoulos.

When he bought the infamous estate, Metropoulos announced plans to join it with the “sister house” next door, which Metropoulos bought in 2009. Combining the two properties would create an expansive 7.3-acre compound that Metropoulos would use as his private residence.

But the sale stipulated that Hefner would be allowed to live in the estate for the rest of his life. With the Playboy founder’s death on Wednesday, Curbed contacted representatives for Metropoulos seeking details on when changes to the mansion would begin.

Metropoulos would only say that he extends his sympathies to Hefner’s family and that he was “fortunate to know him as a neighbor and friend.”

The Playboy Mansion was designed by architect Arthur R. Kelly for Arthur Letts Jr., a department store heir and the son of the original developer of Holmby Hills. Both men originally envisioned the two 1920s-era properties to be part of one massive estate, Metropoulos said in a statement announcing his purchase of the Playboy Mansion.

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