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Pasadena midcentury comes with rad fireplace and arroyo views for $1.6M

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Largely remodeled but a vintage vibe and retro touches remain

Photos by Erik Grammer
Courtesy of Dhari Thein/Podley Properties

Overlooking the Arroyo Seco, this three-bedroom Pasadena house offers awesome views of the arroyo and beyond.

The main living room and dining area are one big open space, with floor to ceiling windows, skylights, and a vintage fireplace with an unusual circular opening. Elsewhere in the house, there’s another vintage touch: “a hip, 1950’s stereophonic turntable waiting to be restored.

The remodeled kitchen offers plenty of counter space and new quartz counter tops. The newly renovated master bedroom has a prime location in the house, looking out toward the pool and the patio. A corner of windows afford the room a view of trees and hillsides.

There’s also a pool, reachable by a curving staircase that runs down to the area from the upper landscaped backyard.

The property is listed for $1.59 million.