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Adorable Streamline Moderne time capsule in Montecito Heights asking $700K

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Vintage charm and a sizable yard

Photos by EGP Imaging, courtesy of Harnsberger Realty

Midcentury modern has had an impressively long run as the “It” architectural style among those who care about such things. But recently, some observers—Architectural Digest, for instance—have started to take note of an increasing interest in and appreciation for the architecture of the Art Deco era.

Here’s hoping that leads to there being more vintage homes having their irreplaceable character details left intact, like this 1930s Streamline Moderne gem in the tiny community of Hermon at the northern end of Montecito Heights.

On the market for the first time in three decades, the two-bedroom, one-bath home is modest in size—1,042 square feet—but big on charm.

Among its appealing original features are hardwood floors with inlaid marquetry, steel-banded casement windows, built-ins, coved ceilings, a gas fireplace, and colorful Deco-era tile. Other pluses include a two-car garage and a huge backyard.

Asking price for the hilltop home is $699,500.