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Ice-T’s old Hollywood Hills house, featured in ‘MTV Cribs,’ up for grabs at $9M

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Still has that retractable-roofed pool

The pool, spa, and retractable roof. Photos by Marc Angeles/Unlimited Style
Courtesy of Joshua Morrow/John Aaroe Group

A four-bedroom, five-bathroom residence once owned by rapper and actor Ice-T is on the market now.

Because of its famous former owner, the Sunset Plaza house was featured on MTV Cribs, reports LAist.

The episode showcased the house’s sweeping views, its home theater, and the pool and spa, which are covered by a retractable roof. (Triumphant music plays as Ice-T pushes a button and the roof opens up.)

The house was clearly signifcant status symbol for Ice-T, who tells the Cribs crew that he considered the house "great accomplishment for myself."

The original clip can be viewed here.

The hillside residenc, described as a "dramtic fortress" in the listing, also boasts a custom aquarium, multiple terraces, and a full bar.

The house is listed for $8.99 million.

Photos by Marc Angeles. Courtesy of Josh Morrow/John Aaroe Group.