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30 apartments planned for vacant Historic Filipinotown hillside

Right next to the Temple Community Hospital site

The apartments, seen from Temple Street.
Courtesy of Telemachus Studio

Plans are in motion to put a new apartment building on a vacant lot next to the Temple Community Hospital site in Historic Filipinotown.

The project would take the form of a six-story building atop two parking levels, says Urbanize LA, which spotted the recent planning department approvals on the property and also has renderings for the structure. Of the building’s 30 apartments, three would be for very low income households.

The hillside lot has a Hoover Street address but is also linked to a concrete staircase that connects the site to Temple Street.

Many neighbors have long hoped that the staircase could be cleaned up and opened for public access between Hoover and Temple. Though renderings incorporate the staircase, the planning documents don’t offer any details about it, or who it would be open to.

The staircase to Hoover Street, as seen from Temple Street, that neighbors have hoped would someday be opened to the public.
Google Maps

There’s no clear timeline for the project, which is being designed by Telemachus Studio. City records show that building permits haven’t been pulled for the project yet.

Planning filings list landlord Stanley Treitel and Brick Investment, an LLC, as the developer of the project. In 2005, Treitel came under fire for extensive violations at properties owned by him and his partner, Lance J. Robbins.

Courtesy of Telemachus Studio