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Trailer park near Highland Park just got a crop of tiny homes

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Measuring 400 square feet and renting for $1,800/month

The row of new houses in the Monterey Trailer Park.
Courtesy of the Eastsider

A historic trailer park in the small, Highland Park-adjacent neighborhood of Hermon is the latest to move on the tiny house trend. Seven homes measuring just 400-square-feet have just landed at the historic Monterey Trailer Park, reports the Eastsider.

As the name implies, the houses are small, with only one bedroom; some have a lofted sleeping area. They all feature Craftsman exteriors and porches and will rent for $1,800 a month, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Listing agent Claudia Montoya with Keller Williams told the local TV station that the proximity of the tiny houses to Highland Park may help them fetch the high rental prices that many properties in the hip neighborhood are commanding.

The tiny homes were installed after the park’s operators had several talks with preservationists as well as the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission. The Hermon trailer park dates to the 1920s—a time when “Americans were taking their first long-haul road trips with Model Ts—and without motels,” the Los Angeles Times wrote in 2002, when the site was landmarked.

This isn’t the first trailer park to get into the tiny home game. In Palm Springs, a mobile home park is adding 100 midcentury-inspired tiny homes to their property.