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Rent a colorful Mt. Washington house built as part of a MOCA exhibition

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Designed by MacArthur Genius grant-winning artist Jorge Pardo

Photos by Steven Dewall
Photos by Steven Dewall, courtesy of Robert Carey/Partners Trust

This Mt. Washington house is literally a work of art: It was built in 1998 and designed by artist and MacArthur Genius grant-winner Jorge Pardo with the intention of having it be a walk-through art piece. The house was on exhibit for five weeks by the Museum of Contemporary Art, wrote the New York Times in 2007, when Pardo was still living in the house with his family.

The redwood-clad house features redwood plank ceilings and wall paneling, too. The house holds floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete floors, sunken living room, colorful cabinets (not just in the kitchen), and exciting tile throughout, especially in the bathrooms.

The shared spaces of the house are large and open, with plenty of redwood paneling. The living room off the teal-accented kitchen is sunken, and the fireplace is fronted with more colorful tile.

The Times warned that the house has “has deliberately clumsy passages to slow you down, including a staircase set in an unlikely place.” The staircase is sandwiched between a wall of built-in cabinets and another of enormous windows that overlook the property.

The price to rent this unique home: $6,500 a month.