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Long Beach pier may need to be rebuilt for 2028 Olympics

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Built in 1967, it’s now “in massive need of repair”

People walk and fish on the pier at sunset
The Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier opened in 1967 and is now in need of significant repairs.

An aging pier in Long Beach could be in line for replacement now that the Olympics are nearly certain to return to the Los Angeles area in 2028.

Leaders of LA’s bid for the 2024 games agreed to a deal with the International Olympic Committee last week allowing Paris to host in 2024, but effectively guaranteeing LA will host four years after that. A major theme of the city’s bid for the games—and a reason bid leaders felt confident delaying hosting responsibilities—was the urban area’s existing infrastructure.

But Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia tells the Long Beach Press Telegram that at least one site penciled in for use during the games will need to be significantly repaired—or even replaced—before 2028.

The Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, planned as a viewing area for sailing competition during the games, is “in massive need of repair,” according to Garcia.

Assistant City Manager Tom Modica tells the Press Telegram it will likely be just as expensive to repair the 50-year-old pier as it will be to replace it—between $25 million and $35 million.

Built in 1967, the 1,620-foot-long concrete pier was actually constructed as a replacement for the former Grand Avenue Pier, which had served the city prior to that.

In addition to sailing, Long Beach is also set to host competition in water polo, marathon swimming, and the triathlon during the games.

The city’s waterfront, which was the site of sailing competition when Los Angeles last hosted the games in 1984, is one of four areas where bid leaders plan to concentrate most events. The others are in Downtown LA, Carson, and the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area.