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Extravagant 1990s estate built for ‘Architectural Digest’ founder lists for $22.5M

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Inspired by Le Petit Trianon at Palace of Versailles

Courtesy of Gregory Bega and Lindsay Galbraith/Sotheby’s International Realty

Centuries after its completion, France’s opulent Palace of Versailles continues to have an enduring influence in the world of luxury architecture, a phenomenon recently explored by the Wall Street Journal’s Candace Taylor. Along with Versailles-inspired mansions in Long Island, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas, Taylor’s article featured this palatial pad on Mapleton Drive in Holmby Hills, which was modeled after Versailles’ Petit Trianon.

Built in 1990 by a founder of Architectural Digest, the 11,000-square-foot chateau has nine bedrooms and 12 full baths, and is laden with lavish features.

For starters, its entry boasts a 46-foot-high dome and twin staircases of Italian rose marble, at the top of which hangs an 18th-century Baccarat crystal chandelier. In the home’s paneled library and living room, you’ll find Bordeaux-patterned cherry wood floors—a copy of the floors in le Petit Trianon’s Hall of Mirrors—and elaborately carved crown moldings. Then there’s the extravagant rose marbled bathroom, replete with fireplace, gilded mirrors, and French doors.

The one-acre property’s grounds aren’t too shabby either, containing a tennis court, pool and jacuzzi, gardens, waterfalls, and fountains.

How much will it cost to live like a modern-day Marie Antoinette? A mere $22.5 million.