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Old Koreatown bungalows could be replaced with a hotel

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The project would have 99 guest rooms and 63 parking spots

View of Dewey Avenue houses
The project will replace a cluster of bungalows on the mainly residential street.
Google Maps

A low-slung residential block in Koreatown could soon be the site of a sizable hotel with 99 guest rooms.

According to plans filed with the city Wednesday, a developer listed as La Villa Puente, LLC plans to replace a cluster of aging bungalows with the hotel, which will also include parking for 63 vehicles.

There aren’t many other details that have been released about the project, but it’s set to include a lounge area on the first level and a fitness room and recreation area on the floor above.

Located at 966 South Dewey Avenue, the project site is just a half-block north of Olympic Boulevard, but a fair distance from the busy Wilshire Corridor, where most of the projects transforming the booming neighborhood are concentrated.

Still, there are a few other projects planned for the general area. Four blocks east, a mixed use project will bring 228 condos and 53,000 square feet of retail space. And in the other direction, prolific developer Jamison Services is building a 226-unit apartment complex with 16,000 square feet of commercial space.