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New five-story apartment building planned for NoHo Arts District

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59 units—including six for low-income tenants

View of older apartment building
The project would replace an existing two-story structure with five apartments.
Google Maps

A small multifamily building in North Hollywood could soon be torn down and replaced with a five-story apartment complex, as plans filed with the city Thursday reveal.

Located at 11246 West Ostego Street, the project would include 59 units of housing—54 more than the two-story structure that exists on the project site today. The plans show that six of those units would be affordable to tenants making less than half of LA’s median income.

In return for the affordable units, the developer has asked the city for incentives allowing the project to exceed the height and density normally allowed on the project site.

The proposed development is certainly conveniently located; situated halfway between North Hollywood Park and Lankershim Boulevard, it’s also just blocks from the North Hollywood Red Line station.

The area is getting busy. Nearby, developer Hartsook Grand, LLC is planning to construct a separate five-story apartment complex with 61 units at the intersection of Lankershim and Magnolia Boulvard.

Meanwhile, Metro continues to plan an ambitious mixed use development with housing, offices, and retail space around the North Hollywood station.